Tickets for 2017 playoffs on sale from February 20!

From Monday, February 20 to Friday, March 3 all season-ticket holders have the right to reserve their seats for the playoffs. On Monday, March 6, all unreserved seats will go on sale to the public for the first two quarterfinal games.

Ticket system for playoffs

For club-seat holders, the quarterfinals are included in the price of their season-long cards and their places will be available. Holders of season tickets for the 2016/2017 regular season then have the option to purchase tickets for the first two home games of the quarterfinals. This right can be exercised from Monday, February 20 to Friday, March 3. Tickets will be issued only upon presentation of the holder's season ticket.

In addition to their own seats, each season-ticket holder may also purchase tickets for other seats. The maximum number of additional tickets, however, is limited to three. Altogether, one season ticket can purchase four tickets. This will only be allowed within the limitations of the arena's capacity.

On Monday, March 6 at 9:00 am, all vacant seats at Home Credit Arena will go on sale to the general public, including seats that were occupied by season-ticket holders in the regular season but were left unreserved for the playoffs. Even at this stage, there will be a restriction on the number of tickets that each individual customer may buy. In the playoffs, the club will apply a floating price, whereby tickets are cheaper in advance, before the day of the game.

Prices and discounts

For the quarterfinals, individual tickets range in price from CZK 160 on the fourth level to CZK 280 in the first category. Even in the playoffs, Bílí Tygři will continue to support hockey as a family affair and therefore offer discounted admission for children up to 140 cm. For playoff games, a child's ticket costs only CZK 100. Discounts for students, seniors and ZTP card holders will not be offered in this year's playoffs. Card holders of ZTP + P may purchase a discounted ticket for 50 CZK.


Tickets for the playoffs will be offered online through the Ticketpro network to a limited extent. Buying over the internet will only be possible starting on the day they go on sale to the general public. All purchases will be carried out at the Rotunda at Home Credit Arena in the Sports Park complex. Opening hours will be adjusted if needed. For the playoffs, the Rotunda will be open weekdays without lunch breaks continuously from 9:00 to 18:00.

Tickets for 2016/17 playoffs

tabulka ceny play-off

If you buy the tickets more than five days prior to the game, the price is 20 Kč cheaper. If you buy the tickets to the 2nd and 3rd category or to the fanclub, you can get a student/senior/women discount. Children under 140 cm can get tickets to all categories for 1 Kč.

Season tickets prices for season 2016/17 (for holders of the 2015/16 season tickets)

Regular Children Women/Students/Seniors
1st Category 4600
2nd Category 3600 1000 3000
3rd Category 3200 1000 2500
ČS Club 8500 1000
ČS Club Smart 7500 1000
ČS Club Premium 12500 -
Fanclub 2100

Prices for new season-tickets holders

Regular Children Students/Women/Seniors
1st Category 4800
2nd Category 3800 1000 3200
3rd Category 3400 1000 2700
ČS Club 8500 1000
ČS Club Smart 7500 1000
ČS Club Premium 12500 -
Fanclub 2300

Tickets for 2016/2017 Extraliga season will be on sale  21 August!

Tickets can also be purchased online through the Ticketpro website!

Ticket sales through our website - active links in the individual home matches, or in this bookmark, will link you directly to the pages.  


Price list for Champion Hockey League and pre-season games


Tickets for the Champions Hockey League and pre-season games for the 2016/2017 season will be on sale, starting Monday, 25 July.
Holders of season and club tickets for the 2016/2017 season gain entry to these games absolutely free.


Schedule of pre-season games can be found here!
Schedule for CHL games can be found here!

More details can be found in this article. Tickets can also be purchased online through the Ticketpro website!

All additional information such as discounts or ticket offices, can be found in the basic information bookmark or at our free info line 800 800 007.


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